Raw dog food starter pack

Raw dog food starter pack

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Raw dog food starter pack

The raw dog food starter pack is a one-week-long intensive course that guides you through the creation of your own custom-designed raw food diet for a purebred dog. Not only can your dog benefit from a raw food diet, but they will also enjoy a healthier and more fulfilling life. When feeding a raw diet to your dog, you’ll not only learn about proper nutrition, but also how to ensure your dog receives the maximum amount of nutrition in the least amount of time.

Once you’ve created your customized diet, we will be here to assist you in feeding the appropriate amount for your dog’s current body weight. We recommend that you start out with 30% to 50% of a dog’s regular caloric requirement. A diet that is too high in calories can be damaging to your dog’s teeth, bones, heart, and joints. To mntn your dog’s current body weight, you need to make sure that their meals are balanced in both calories and protein. For a more detled guide on calculating caloric needs for your dog, see our nutrition guide.

The raw dog food starter pack is a great way to get your dog on a diet that is as unique as your dog. This program can be completed online, and also in our doggy daycare facility where you can see your dog while you work. You’ll have access to us 24/7 during the course, and once you’ve completed the course, we will be avlable to provide you with support and answer any questions you have. If you are a returning student, you will be able to print your progress and save any food recipes you wish to use for future.

What to expect from the starter pack

During the course of the program, you’ll learn about the importance of a raw food diet. In addition, you’ll get an overview of basic raw food diet principles, including how to choose your protein sources and where to find out more about your dog. You’ll learn about some of the different types of raw food diets, how to choose a diet for your dog, as well as some of the essential components in a healthy diet.

Included in the program are:

A detled nutritional guide including information about how to calculate your dog’s caloric needs.

An instructional video to help you determine which products are best for your dog’s individual needs.

A starter recipe book with our recipe sheet, easy to follow, and with a unique and individualized touch.

A doggy daycare booklet that you’ll use to work on your course at home with your dog, and we’ll provide some doggy treats to help your dog through the process.

We also offer doggy treats that can be used as a reward and to reward your dog’s progress.

After the program, you’ll have access to our online forum where you can share your experiences, ask questions, and exchange tips.

Here are some testimonials from previous participants:

“With the guidance of the program and the support of the website, I can see my dog improving his quality of life. After only 3 days of following a doggy diet, I saw a difference in his activity and the quality of his coat.”

“I am extremely satisfied and happy with the knowledge and tools that I have gned from the program. I would highly recommend it to anyone who wants to adopt a more healthy lifestyle for their dog.”

“I would strongly recommend this program to anyone who is looking for a step-by-step guide for transitioning your dog to a healthier and happier life. It does not feel like you are forcing the dog to eat certn foods, but rather you are helping the dog to eat better.”

If you’re interested in becoming a participant in the program, please contact me.

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