Can cats eat raw chicken

Can cats eat raw chicken

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Can cats eat raw chicken liver?

My brother is the owner of three cats, two of which are indoor cats. There's nothing wrong with the indoor cats, however the outdoor cats have a habit of eating chicken liver. He's feeding them chicken liver once a week. Is that a healthy diet? What can he do to make sure that they don't eat the liver?

My brother is the owner of three cats, two of which are indoor cats. There's nothing wrong with the indoor cats, however the outdoor cats have a habit of eating chicken liver. He's feeding them chicken liver once a week. Is that a healthy diet? What can he do to make sure that they don't eat the liver?

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Hi Annie,

The liver of most chickens has no health value whatsoever. The liver is a fatty, oily substance, and a chicken liver will not contain vitamins A, B, or C. It is very high in cholesterol and will increase the total cholesterol in the cat's system.

If the chicken liver is being fed because it is "nutritious," then I would take it back to the store. When you shop for chicken liver, look for ones that have been cooked, then freeze the liver yourself.

You also want to keep the livers of chickens that you buy organic. Chickens that are fed with hormones, antibiotics, and other chemicals will have a higher level of contaminants. You can get organic chickens from local farms, but I would recommend purchasing organic chickens from your local grocery store or a butcher.

Thank you for writing. I am sorry for your loss in the sudden death of your brother. I wish you and your brother the best in the near future.

If your brother is feeding the chicken liver to the cats, then he is doing this because they love the taste. You should feed your cats with a well-balanced diet.

If you are feeding the chicken liver to the cats because they love the taste, then I would advise you to let the cat have a healthy, organic, properly-balanced diet. They are very sensitive to changes in the diet, so do not feed them a diet that contains anything that may change their health, particularly something that contains liver.


I have a cat named T.T. - very sweet. He always comes to me to be petted. Last week when he went to the vet to get his shots he told me he has been sick for 3 days. I asked him what was wrong, and he told me his back legs were very stiff, his head was sore, he doesn't eat, and he is thirsty. The vet put him on pain meds and antibiotics. He also told me it looked like he has liver problems. His whole body smells like he has been sick, he is very hot and he can't sleep. If I gave him food, he would eat but it wouldn't be clean. The vet said he may have to be put down because it doesn't look like he is getting better. The first day home he kept drinking water. We put his food in the bottom of a bowl and he would drink from it. So we cleaned the bowl, put some food in, and he drank it all. We did the same thing every time he wanted food, except for one time. He was eating, when he put his head down to get something, he came up sick. So we cleaned the bowl again and put some food in and he got up and drank that. So this is what I did and he was okay for the next week. Then last night I went out to the garage and there was a lot of stuff in his bowl. He was eating and eating, and then he laid down, and slept. The stuff that he ate looked pretty bad, so I took the bowl to the sink, rinsed it, dried it, and washed it. I got the bowl out and when I rinsed it, I saw all this stuff. A piece of plastic he chewed off his foot, some pieces of plastic with hair and string on it, a string that was dirty, and more that I don't want to think about. Then the next day he was eating and eating. Again the next day he was chewing, and last night he ate some of the stuff again. It is so disgusting to think about what he ate. But I have to know if there is anything we could have done to help him. He is eating and eating now, I can't even stand to look at him. I want to turn away but I can't. And he is sweating like crazy. He is so hot I keep the heat on in the house.

My vet says there is no disease because he is eating.

What would you do?

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How could you tell what this was? Did he chew it off himself? Some of it looks like he has chewed a plastic tube off some kind of surgical instrument or another piece of rubber tubing. He could have found it in the garbage and he could have found it in a hospital. I don't think he was chewing on any kind of tube that you used to do an x-ray or something. His paws look pretty healthy.

I would have called the vet and asked if this would cause him any problems. Some vets think that he may have eaten a foreign body that caused it. They would need to remove it. If he ate the kind of material that you described, I wouldn't worry about it. He may have ingested some kind of medical instrument.


He was chewing off his own foot. I took it to my vet who said it was a piece of an old band-aid. He said that he would look at it when he gets to 3 mnths. My vet has seen the x-rays and the other vet said that it should cause no problems. Thanks for your time.

I was thinking that you may have chewed off part of his foot. It looks like a bandaid that was stuck on, and chewed off. I would see my vet as soon as possible. It could have been dangerous.


I have a 5 week old puppy who's only problem is a bit of bloat. He'll drink water in no time but if I put a bowl of water in the middle of his living room he'll get distracted and leave his bowl and sit right in the middle of the bowl of water trying to drink it all up.

He's otherwise fine, eats normally and loves treats.

Can you help? Thanks

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It's hard to know what to do if your dog is having difficulty digesting their food. I would encourage you to consult with your veterinarian for advice on how to proceed.

I am currently looking into what my dog did. I've just taken a walk and he had a bandage on one of his paws. When I bent down to inspect it he let me know that he was "sick". He was trying to rub it off, so I took him to the vet. I hope it was the right thing to do. The vets said it wasn't anything urgent and we should monitor him, but in a few weeks I'm hoping to get an x-ray done to make sure it doesn't get any worse. He had also had a bandage on another paw recently. He seems to be normal otherwise and is happy all the time.


Hi there, My puppy had his leg bandaged up yesterday by my friends daughter. The doctor looked at it and said it was an infected wound. The next

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