Is lanolin safe for dogs

Is lanolin safe for dogs

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Is lanolin safe for dogs?

I have recently started treating my 11 yr old dog for his skin. For his first treatment he got a large piece of Lanolin from the pharmacy, but I don't know if it was the right amount. I gave him 2 of the tablets and a quarter of a jar of cream. He seems fine, but what I want to know is if the amount I gave him was enough and if it is safe for him.

If you want to give your dog a bath, or brush his teeth you need to use dog shampoo and conditioner, but you should NOT use a lanolin-based product. There are lanolin-based products available in human bath &, beauty care products, but they do not contain the proper components of lanolin and are not formulated for use on the skin of animals. The components used in lanolin-based human products are only intended for use on the hair of mammals and can cause a variety of skin and hair problems in dogs and other animals.

When giving a bath or brushing your dog's teeth you must always use a human shampoo and conditioner.

An allergic reaction in your dog could be life-threatening. If your dog gets an allergic reaction to something in the human hair shampoo or conditioner, then it could also be life-threatening. Please tell your vet that your dog is allergic to the human shampoo and conditioner and that you want to use a shampoo and conditioner made specifically for your dog.

When using lanolin-based human products on your dog it is best to use a small amount of the product. We don't recommend using more than a nickel-size amount for each paw. If you use more, you could get an allergic reaction or your dog could develop other skin and coat problems. It is not safe to use more than a nickel-size amount for each paw.

Any product that contains lanolin should be kept out of reach of your dog. In some cases, such as during the bathing process, where your dog will be in the tub, this might be hard to do.

We know that many of our customers are concerned about the quality of the hair products they can find in stores. We also know that they want to know that they are doing what's best for their dogs. That is why we use only the best pet hair shampoo products and human hair shampoo and conditioners, even for the products designed for dogs. We would be very disappointed if we ever found a dog shampoo product that was not safe and did not work as well as our dog shampoo products. We are proud of our dog shampoo products and hope you enjoy giving them to your dog. If you have any questions about them, don't hesitate to ask.

To learn more about what's safe and effective for your dog, talk to the groomers or veterinary professionals at your dog's regular grooming or vet clinic, or talk to a veterinarian in person. You can also look up the products you would like to buy online. The best way to make sure a product will work for your dog is to test it first. Ask your veterinarian or a local groomer to give your dog a shampoo treatment using the product you want to try. If your dog is not used to having his coat washed, you may want to use a little bit of conditioner along with the shampoo to minimize the discomfort.

How do you wash your dog? Which products are you using?

How You Wash Your Dog

Whether you wash your dog yourself or have her groomed at the pet salon, there are certain things you should always keep in mind to make sure your dog's coat is healthy, not matted, and not too itchy.

If you do the majority of your own grooming, you'll want to follow the recommendations for your own grooming products. However, if you are in a pinch and your dog has no groomer or if you just don't want to spend the time or effort getting your dog groomed, here are some general guidelines for washing your dog's coat:

• Don't wash your dog daily. Daily shampooing can remove the oils and bacteria from the coat that provide your dog's coat with protection.

• Don't let your dog's coat get wet if possible. Wet coats shed more hair and can result in the coat becoming tangled.

• Try not to comb your dog's coat. While brushing will add length to the coat and can help to clean it, combing the coat often is the quickest way to damage the coat. Instead, give your dog a bath or use a towel to dry her off before beginning the shampooing process.

• Choose a shampoo with low toxicity. Most shampoos have an ingredient called alcohol, but low toxicity shampoos usually don't contain alcohol or any harsh chemicals.

• After you shampoo your dog, rinse her off immediately. You want to get rid of the soap residue. If your dog has a small, sensitive body, you may need to use a mild soap to wash her. If you are not sure what your dog's hair should feel like, have a groomer inspect her coat after she has been shampooed to help you determine what shampoo is best for your dog. If you're washing a dog for the first time, a groomer can inspect your dog's coat and help you choose a suitable shampoo.


Chapter 5

# How to Brush Your Dog

**P** incing a brush through a puppy's coat every day will help him develop a healthy, shiny coat and keep it clean. To understand why, you have to understand why he needs a clean coat in the first place. The coat is the body's first line of defense. Unlike people, dogs are not immune to environmental and other conditions that can affect their health. As an animal, they need to be protected from many outside conditions, and the coat is their first line of defense.

Many dogs don't understand that they need to keep their coats clean to protect them. Dogs think the coat is their personal accessory. Just like your leather jacket, a dog's coat looks great and feels soft and comfortable to him. It's not because the coat is hard and scratchy on his skin. Many dogs don't understand that coats are there to protect their bodies from harmful things like dirt and germs.

### **_Why Does Your Dog's Coat Need to Be Clean?_**

When a dog's coat looks great, it sends the message, "This dog is healthy, he is clean, and he is confident." When a coat looks healthy and clean, it sends the message to the dog's brain, "He has the right condition to do what he needs to do." So, the coat needs to be clean for your dog's health

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